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With one-off interactive cinematic experiences and classic films in our town centre, Eastleigh Film Festival puts the excitement back into the movies.

Tuesday 26th September 2017, 8pm
Wessex House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh SO50 9FD

Director: John McTiernan
Certificate: 15
Running time: 127 minutes

The Die Hard Trilogy: Film No. 1

Bruce Willis stars as rogue city cop John McClane, charged with saving a group of office workers taken hostage on Christmas Eve by Alan Rickman's malevolent cyber terrorist Hans Gruber.

Why we love it:

The first of three action-packed movies that helped define the rules of the genre, Die Hard is 127 minutes of riotous fun. Bruce Willis is on top form as McClane, a New York cop with a penchant for booze and witty one-liners, while Alan Rickman cements his stardom in his first big Hollywood role.

While the subject matter is, at times, serious, the general tone is that of fun as big-budget action sequences come thick and fast while Willis bumbles about swearing, smoking and taking down the bad guys. The success of Die Hard is in its ability not to take itself too seriously; it might be impossibly silly, but it's wholeheartedly proud of it.

In collaboration with our friends at Wessex House, Eastleigh we are delighted to be presenting Die Hard in a setting to match. Book your ticket to join in on the fun.

Die Hard (1988)
Tuesday 26th September, 8pm